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WD Services, Inc. is the Tri-State area supplier of high quality and technically superior refinish downdraft and non-downdraft spray booths, workstations that are heated, traditional prep-stations and paint mixing room equipment for auto body repair facilities. All of which are specifically designed and manufactured by Global Finishing Solutions.

We can offer our customers many options including an extensive equipment selection, computerized shop layout planning service (CAD), equipment installation, factory recommended Quality Tune-Up, dry chemical fire suppression systems, and much more….

We look forward to working with you and servicing your next need, large or small, so please don’t hesitate to contact us.

    Your $385 Quality 25+ Point Tune-Up Includes:

  • Check & reset high fire burner combustion adjustment

  • Check & reset low fire burner combustion adjustment

  • Check, adjust & record main gas pressure to factory specs.

  • Inspect heat exchanger & burner unit (indirect groups only)

  • Advise if indirect burner needs cleaning or adjustments (additional service fee applies)

  • Clean and adjust all airflow switches

  • Check and cycle test flame control relay

  • Inspect burner/intake filters

  • Inspect all door gaskets for damage, wear and proper seal

  • Check and record electric motor operating amperages

  • Record system voltage

  • Check and tighten motor belts

  • Inspect & tighten control panel electrical connections

  • Re-calibrate booth pressure balancing gauge

  • Lubricate motors and all other required points

  • Check & adjust SBC control panels software parameter set points (computerized remote control station only)

  • Check equipment airline fittings for leaks & tighten

  • Inspect & adjust damper linkages, cylinders and blades

  • Check spray gun airline for moisture

  • Check booth ceiling plenum, ceiling filters and exhaust filters

  • Inspect exhaust system including fan, blower, ducting & pit for over spray collection and buildup

  • Inspect all light tubes and ballasts

  • Record temperatures in spray and dry cycles, & rate of rise

  • Measure and record booth air flow

  • Review proper equipment operation with the painters

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