AMU (Air Make-Up Unit)

We understand that proper ventilation is a concern for you at your painting facility. We offer several manufacturers of Air Make-Up Units to put your ventilation issues to rest. Direct-fired air make-up heating equipment, exhausted air is continuously replaced with fresh air for proper ventilation. Starved exhaust fans, hard to open doors, and cold draft complaints from employees may be a sign an air make-up unit is needed. We represent BANANZA, TITAN and Weather-Rite.


Quality and well crafted airlines will keep your operation running as intended. To make sure your paint spray booths and other equipment is at optimal performance, we made sure to select the right manufacturers to supply you with only the best. We work with several manufacturers, including Prevost and RTI (Reading Technologies, Inc.).

Central Vac Systems

WD Services, Inc. has recognized the importance of a central-vacuum system to the overall operation of your finishing business. For that reason, we offer you a dust and fume extraction system by Eurovac. Eurovac specializes in building the most dependable and cost-effective Source Capture Dust Extraction, Vacuum Housekeeping & Detailing, Welding Source Capture, and Vehicle Exhaust Systems on the market today.

Curtain Walls

WD Services, Inc. offers curtain walls to help create a safer, cleaner work environment, improve facility appearance, and reduce heat and cold loss. Curtains are ideal for prep stations, wash down areas, and finishing stalls. Curtain walls create work stalls that help control paint, grinding sparks, aluminum and steel dust, water and chemicals. We represent Akon, Goff's and TMI.